Anti-UV, Solar Control Film


Solar window film Origin and development

Protection from the Sun's Heat and Damaging Rays 

The energy crisis of the early 1970s prompted an interest in another aspect of window film use the reduction of heat loss to the outside. It was discovered that polyester film tended to absorb and reradiate long wave infrared heat rather than act as a transparent medium. Through experimentation, new film materials and constructions were developed that enhanced this characteristic. 

These films great improved heat retention within a room's interior. The efficiencies of solar control window films are closely related to local weather conditions, building orientation, window size, and other factors such as exterior shading conditions. However, with escalating energy costs, products such as window film are increasingly valuable as an investment for commercial and residential owners and commercial facility managers. The new generation Dr. U Solar films provide much more than attractive looks to buildings and homes. They also block almost 100% of the sun's UV rays, reducing fading to your furniture, walls, and other valuables, while keeping the heat out and ultimately reducing your heating and cooling bills. And if you're looking for the highest quality, our premier Sunscape select line ranks among the finest films you can buy. Protection from Flying Glass We pride ourselves on our safety and security products. From the  branch of a tree or the errant throw of a baseball, to hurricane winds and violent explosions, Dr. U window films and attach men restraint systems are specially engineered to help increase your protection. They help protect some of the highest profile buildings in the world, such as the Louvre, the Smithsonian, and Scotland Yard, as well as private homes everywhere. Artistry & Privacy Dr. U Platinum 's View Control Films are a series of decorative film-to-glass products that combine form with function. They add a level of artistic design, as well as practicality, to windows in any setting. We also supply 3M Solar control and security film both in Hong Kong and China.

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CNC protective film including Heat Shielding Film, safety film and solar control film 

Our factory have fabricated the Color Coating and supply Window Film for 18 years. We started in Jing Quan Dao of Korea, 1990 and begin to manufacture film in China in the year 2005. Now we have 4 production lines of Color Coating and will be increased up to 7 production lines next year.

We nearly produce all kinds of film with a very competitive price including solar control film, safety film, decorative film, vehicle film, commercial and residential film to you. Our factory had passed the ISO9000 and ISO14000 quanlity approval.

Most of our products export to over 30 countries including the American, Middle East, Europe andSouth East Asia. All of our raw materials products of Solar control film including PET, UV materialSR material etc are 100% export to Korea, Japan and India. If you are interested in our products on the other hand you will get the good quality, best price and service from us in return.

Products including

Automotive Film

    Glue 12PLY--- Colour + Reflective + SRC

    Glue 12PLY--- Colour + Non-Reflective + SRC

    Original colour Film 12PLY--- Reflective + SRC

    Original colour Film 12PLY--- Non-Reflective + SRC

Safety Film

 Clear Safety film---2mil4mil6mil7mil8mil12mil12.50mil

 Colour Safety film

Sputtered Film (All materials are imported from USA


We have a team of skillful film installer who provide a professional service to you in Hong Kong and China. .Our projects includes all kinds of schools, shops, vehicles, residential and commercial area.


Our team uses the professional detergentDirt-Offfor our projects and the installation materialFilms-On ) to fix the film in order to have the best effect and to keep in a longer duration.

We also provide the on site measurement and in person estimation service to you. Our professional team always commit our very best service to you with prompt response. Even after our completion of work we still provide the full service to you.


BB provides 3 years to 8 years film material warranty for you.

Dr. U Sputtering Film is one of the most common and widely used technologies for thin film manufacturing. Quality of deposited films, however, not only depends on process and equipment parameters (such as vacuum conditions, temperature or equipment design) but also on the configuration and characteristics of the targets and the critical raw materials used for sputtering. In fact, target properties such as purity, density, shape, grain size and distribution or manufacturing process, directly affect the microstructure at the atomic level of the sputtered film. 

The sputtered layer is adversely affected with each annealing, tching, and drying stage; this causes the film to become brittle, inflexible, and has a negative affect on adhesion, (substrate lock-out). Measurements taken after each stage of processing, show the impact of repeated heating, cooling and handling. In addition, there has been lot to lot variation in the supplied material that has negatively impacted the performance of applied films. The Acheson alternative provides consistent and reliable results that you can depend upon.



3M Solar control Films

Etched glass panels provide a beautiful means of creating an entirely new environment of space, light, and beauty, but they can be costly. 3M glass treatment films give the appearance of expensive etched glass, come in different patterns and shades, and are easily removed and replaced when a new look is desired.

Frosted, patterned films can be easily applied vertically, horizontally or diagonally to create stunning effects on existing glass. Product benefits include:

Flexible Design –3M allows the customer to bring color, visual effects and graphic patterns to glass surfaces in commercial and residential spaces or customize a space with a corporate logo or signage.

Cost Effective – Etched glass is an expensive option when compared with these aesthetically pleasing and versatile film treatments.

– Frosted films allow light while protecting privacy in homes, offices, and commercial environments.

Glare Reduction – Frosted films reduce eye strain and help improve conditions for office employees and building tenants.

We also provide the CNc Korea Solar control film project service.



3M Safety Film

Protection from Accidental Injury

Like an invisible shield, security films offer protection from broken glass when accidents occur at home and at work. When ordinary annealed glass breaks, it poses considerable danger. The shattered pieces become daggers that can cause serious injury or even death. Engineered with powerful adhesives, security films reduce the hazard of broken glass by keeping the pieces together and safely attached to the film.

Protection from Violent Weather

When Mother Nature loses her temper, devastation and loss is sure to follow. Glass is always one of the first casualties during a hurricane, tornado or earthquake. During violent weather when glass breaks, wind, rain and flying debris are given full access to your home or office, causing property damage and destruction.

Security films are Mother Nature’s match. Able to withstand extraordinary wind and force, security film helps prevent entry of water and wind-borne debris, providing superior protection 24-hours a day. Disasters can strike with little or no warning; security films are always ready.

Protection from Crime

Windows and doors are the most vulnerable parts of your home or place of business. They are points of entry for criminals and smash-and-grab thieves. Glass is an inviting target for vandals intent on mischief or worse.

Alarms and security systems are helpful, but provide little protection from experienced or determined intruders. With security films, intruders cannot readily penetrate the glass, even by striking it with a heavy implement. Usually they become discouraged and quickly depart for some easier target.