Bio Manual Stock & Bio Intelligent Fireplace

Stock Manual Bio ethanol fireplace




We have many model of manual Bio ethanol fireplace for export, we keep  some for stock like the attached model in photo. Whenever there is an order we fabricate a few more for stock. Some of the popular model will be sold out in a very short time. There happened before we had stock in the morning time but sold out in the afternoon. If it was sold out that you may wait some time until the buyer re-order next time. Sorry for this happen in the future please call for stock whenever you pay ant order.

Most of the manual Bio ethanol fireplace projects were for private use or for Club house use, therefore it was not convenience for you to visit. There is no custom made for any manual Bio ethanol fireplace. Please see the dimension of the export item if you like them and let us know for quotation


Contacts; Mr. Peter Ma

E-mail :

Hong Kong Tel : 852-69318059

China 86-15814718059

 QQ: 2117889618

We also provide the Bio Ethanol 96% BPEP Grade




Stock manual Bio Ethanol fireplace


Dimension 600x120x300mm, we use of 8mm thickness stainless steelcompare with the market thickness of 2mm.

304#with electronic lighter.

We also supply Bio Ethanol 96% BPEP Grade in Hong Kong.

Yu can come to pick up by yourself or we can arrange to delivery to your home.

The capacity   fuel is 5 liters, 20  liters or 205 liters.


Heating with Bio=ethanol-ebios-fire

No pipes, no chimney, no soot, no ash, no smoke. No such thing? Yes there is! Bioethanol takes you into the ultimate comfort zone. Demonstrate your sense of style and luxury!



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Bio Lamp from Denmark,Bio Stelton fireplace




Contacts; Mr. Peter Ma

E-mail :

Hong Kong Tel : 852-67625988

China 86-15814718059

 QQ: 2117889618




Remote controlled ethanol burner with electronic ignition 


The most design and secure ethanol burner in the current market

Electronic burners on bio ethanol, electric ethanol burners remote controlled

We have BB remote control ethanol fireplace, BB table fireplace, BB Wall-mounted fireplace, BB Corner fireplace and BB free stand fireplace, etc.

BB Alcohol fireplace is the simplest way of heating and can create a warm atmosphere, you can enjoy the warmth of the fire was able to avoid smoke. ...

Malfunction and damage caused by deterioration of 95% alcohol.


Vibration and incline automatic flameout device,

Combustion control device,
Ignition safety device,

Carbon dioxide monitoring device,

Children lock device

Overheating preventing device, 

Overflow preventing protection device, 

Room temperature overheating protection device,

Alcohol high(low) limit reminder.

Magnificent flame which gives life Electronic ethanol & Burners with & remote control

A New Generation of Electronic & Ethanol...

Warranty period is one year

When the machine does not work normally due to malfunctions, our company will provide free maintenance. However, malfunctions caused by using unspecific fuel and incorrect usage, the bumping, deformation, color fading, are not included in the warranty range.

-Manufactured in accordance with standard NF D35-386 (France), CE and UL Standard