The jobs & different models of 3D Water fireplace

It is not gas, it is water only

The ideal alternative to gas or wood Fireplace.

Three dimension Water Vapour Electric Fireplace 

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BB3D atomizing fireplace instruction manual


1. Unpacking and installation: carefully open the package, remove the foreign objects on the fireplace core, put the fireplace into the desired position smoothly, do not install the fireplace socket at the bottom, and keep it at the side to prevent the overflow from getting wet (the water inlet is set at the top of the fireplace). The pumping water shut-off device is provided inside. If the water inlet is installed on the left side, it is required to have a space for accommodating the 18L bucket, and the bucket can be easily and independently taken out, and the water pump has a suction head of about 3 meters.

In order to ensure the continuity of the flame and the relative height, the air inlet should be reserved before and after the pit. Otherwise, local fire may occur and the flame is too low. There shall be no negative pressure inside the pit (otherwise the flame will be poured down). Sucking and not flowing upwards) If the fireplace is well shaped outside the pit, put it into the pit and suck it in the flame. You must first solve the problem of back suction in the pit before installing it!

Because the fire mist has a low specific gravity, some installation site wind direction airflow may cause the flame to blow down, and you must block the 15cm high transparent glass in front of the fireplace!

The power socket should be made of high quality 10A three-hole with grounding socket. The average power of the brazier is about 220V 800W (but the instantaneous maximum power is about 1000W), but the specific value is related to the length of the fireplace!!!

2How to add water: plug in the power plug, use the appropriate portable bucket to purify the purified water, insert the 6mm silicone half hose with the random delivery into the white water inlet at the top of the fireplace, insert the other end into the bucket, turn on the main power supply water switch of the fireplace, add water switch The indicator light is on, the automatic pump of the fireplace absorbs water, and the sound of running water in the machine is normal (in the initial water absorption, the vibration sound will be slightly larger due to the automatic suction and discharge of air in the pipe).

After about 2-5 minutes, the water will stop automatically after the water is full. The water switch should be turned off. Otherwise, the water level will drop to a certain extent. The fireplace will automatically pump water, but if there is no water source, the noise of the air inside the suction pipe will increase! The amount of water added is about 900 mL (the specific value is related to the length of the fireplace).

 Note: It is not possible to directly insert the water inlet into the water pipe directly, because the water pressure of the tap water is very high, and the water contains too much scale, which will block the atomizing head or the water pump inside the machine, causing the atomization piece to decay in advance and the fire fog is small!

 Do not carry the water after the fireplace is added, otherwise the water will overflow. When the drip warning sound appears in the machine when the water is added, it means that the water is added more and will overflow immediately. Stop adding water immediately!

3how to produce a flame: open the main switch of the fireplace, add water, about 2 minutes or so, the fire exits the flame automatically.      

4 How to adjust the size of the flame: adjust the circular scale knob, the counterclockwise flame becomes smaller, and the clockwise flame increases. (Note: Since the computer board is a general design scheme for small fire and commercial large bonfire type, please do not rotate it. At the time of the needle, the general pointer can be around 11-14 o'clock, otherwise the flame may be too exaggerated and not beautiful--suitable for long-distance viewing. Because the fire fog has a low specific gravity, the flame height will change with the airflow direction.

5How to drain out: If you need to carry out the cleaning of the water tank or repair the fireplace, first turn off the main switch of the fireplace, insert the 6mm silicone hose into the black drain on the left side of the fireplace, and put the other end into the water basin. The lower circular drain switch button will not be placed, the water inside the fireplace tank will be automatically pumped out (the drain port must be inserted into the hose in advance), and it is forbidden to directly press the drain switch without inserting the drain pipe, otherwise the water will flow into 

the fireplace interior. Cause accidental damage!

About 3 minutes or so, then raise the right end of the fireplace about 10cm, the water in the water tank will be removed.

If the water in the tank is not drained, the water will overflow and damage the fireplace when transported directly!

6Can the fire pass be touched: This machine adopts high-quality light source, the temperature around the top of the fire exit and the top plate are low, it can be touched, but the fingers of non-professional electricians are not allowed to extend into the fire exit (below) to prevent hidden under the fire exit. The auxiliary electric heat source is burned!

7 Can the fire outlet be directly watered: No, it can be directly watered. The specially designed high-grade waterproof mechanism and exclusive technical design are different from ordinary ones.

8 How to turn off the timer regularly: Only when the special-purpose model is added, the special-purpose model has the function of timing shutdown. When the timer switch is set to “”, the timer light flashes continuously for 2 times---- means automatic shutdown after 2 hours. When the time switch is set to “”, the timer light flashes 4 times continuously—meaning that it will automatically shut down after 4 hours. After the timer is over, the fireplace is in the standby state. Press the main switch power button again to continue working. When the timer switch is set to “0”, the fireplace will not work continuously.

9 tips:

 1), because the internal atomizing sheet vibrates at a frequency of 1.7 million times per second, so there will be a slight heat in the water tank. Therefore, after the machine has been working for a long time, the amount of fire mist will be reduced. It is recommended that work 4 After 30 hours and then shut down for 30-60 minutes, it will help to delay the life of the atomizer. 

2) There should be no strong light or different colored light at the top of the flame, otherwise the light pollution will cause the flame to be weak or discolored.

3) The machine should not be exposed to rain, and the rain-proof products must be designed and customized due to the high cost.

4), the machine from the date of delivery, free warranty for 1 year, the device is naturally damaged free of charge for bad (except atomizer, and light bulbs), the warranty does not provide on-site service business, the purchaser pays by logistics or express delivery After the fee, the parts or the whole machine will be delivered to the factory, and the factory will be repaired free of charge.

5), due to the manufacturing principle of the device itself determines that the atomizer inside the machine and the bulb are lossy products, so the two devices are not covered by the warranty, and must be purchased and replaced after attenuation or damage!

6) The factory will make some adjustments to some functions and power parameters according to different product size and flame size, without notice, the actual factory products shall prevail.








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