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A group specializing in the production and sales of diversified fireplace products (products include real fire Bio and simulated fire electronic fireplaces). The simulated fire electronic fireplaces include decorative fireplaces, built-in fireplaces, wall-mounted and 3D three-dimensional electronic fireplaces, and real fire Fireplaces include Intelligent Bio fireplaces, manual bio fireplaces, etc., both indoors and outdoors. We mainly provide customized engineering models, and also provide high-quality mantels (marble), a one-stop service company. We have been engaged in technology development and research for more than 20 years. According to the needs of different customers, we have developed two series of fireplace products. One is a brand for high-quality home use, which is in stock; the other is for star-rated hotels. Tailor-made brands that highlight luxury and noble temperament, such as 3D series electric fireplaces. It has passed the certification of many countries and is sold all over the world. Some export products are provided as ready stock. We mainly provide you with various customized fireplaces and related products.

There are seven different items in the product catalog, each with 30 x 20 = 600 cases.

The home page is a simulated fire electronic fireplace with a simulation degree of more than 90%. It also has a heating function and the warmth of enjoying the flames. We have export ready-made fireplaces and engineering tailor-made fireplaces. The ready-made fireplaces are mainly used for export. Every time a oversea customer places an order, we will produce a few more for ready-made supply. You can also see some of our fireplaces there. Classic Case.

The second page is our product catalog. Please log in to our product catalog, catalog.html

The third page is our electric fireplace, decorative fireplace and their classic cases.

The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh pages are all our 3D fireplace products and classic cases.

Page 8 is about our wall-mounted fireplaces and fireplace accessories, including mantels, fireplace cores, etc. Mantels are mainly available in marble and wood. Fireplace cores are various stoves, which are mainly made to order. Real Fire Series Intelligent Bio Fireplace, the Intelligent Bio fireplace has a variety of special functions, and each one can be customized to its own size, shape, safety and beauty. It is currently the most avant-garde stove. Outdoor Intelligent Bio fireplace series.

Pages 9, 10 and 11 are our real fire series Intelligent Bio fireplaces. Intelligent Bio fireplaces have a variety of special functions. At the same time, each one can be customized to its own size, shape, safety and beauty. It is currently the most avant-garde stove. Outdoor Bio fireplace series.

The twelfth page is a traditional manual Bio fireplace. A manual Bio fireplace cannot be customized. You can only purchase the exported ready-made manual Bio fireplace products or use a manual alcohol burner to design your own fireplace.

We also provide various types of local fireplace engineering and other services for your convenience, with direct delivery from the factory, saving you money and time.

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BB Fires is a professional manufacturer that produces and sells Intelligent Bio fireplaces all year round. In 1998, it cooperated with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to obtain innovation funds and set up factories in China. It mainly exports and supplies products to all over the world.

In terms of engineering, we mainly supply domestic star-rated hotels, museums, theme parks, and various projects. We also supply various large and small projects, demonstration units, etc. in Hong Kong. There are many projects. In Macau, we mainly supply to various casinos and star-rated hotels. Internal and various types of large and small projects, etc. For details, please see our product catalog. There are seven models, each with 30x20 cases.

Now we solemnly recommend to you the series of Intelligent Bio fireplaces produced by our company. Our company's products not only have complete models and advanced technology, but also have many unexpected humanized designs.

Fireplaces were originally used in Western countries for decoration and heating. However, traditional fireplaces use coal or charcoal as fuel. Such fireplaces produce a large amount of dust when burning, which usually seriously pollutes people's indoor environment. At the same time, the cleaning steps of such fireplaces are cumbersome when used, which is not conducive to people. use.

With the progress of society and people's increasing requirements for the convenience and safety of various appliances in daily life, the introduction of a large number of automated appliances into people's production and life has become a major trend in social development. In this social background, fireplaces using liquid fuel as fuel have gradually replaced traditional fireplaces. As for the type of fireplaces currently on the market, their structure only consists of a burning tank and a shell. People use Alcohol or other liquid fuel must be manually added to the combustion tank, and then ignited with a ignition rod. When the liquid fuel in the combustion tank is burned out, new liquid fuel needs to be added. If you need to add bio ethanol to this kind of fireplace after burning, you must wait until the burning tank is completely cool before adding it. Otherwise, the high-temperature burning tank will often ignite the fuel and cause a fire. In practice, if the added Bio Etanol does not burn. If the user needs to leave or temporarily shut down, the flame can only be extinguished manually. Then the remaining fuel will evaporate in the combustion tank, causing waste and generating waste gas. At the same time, this type of fireplace will produce a large amount of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide during the burning process, and there is no detection structure in the furnace body, which often causes people to be gas poisoned when used, so its overall safety is not very ideal.

BB Intelligent Bio fireplace is a high-tech product that our company has spent more than 20 years and invested heavily in developing. It has obtained a number of national patent certificates and international patents. Its function is to control the fuel supply and ignition through a microcomputer, and to safely monitor the surrounding temperature, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, usage environment, etc. It can turn on and off at any time, adjust the fire power level, and other operations through the remote control and buttons. This product is intelligent, user-friendly, safe, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. It uses the least amount of fuel to produce heating and viewing effects. At the same time, it produces the highest amount of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, allowing users to enjoy real fire heating belts with peace of mind and comfort. Come for visual and sensory warmth.

Home intelligence

BB’s Intelligent Bio fireplace has the following features:

1. It can be used for 3-100 hours by adding Bio once, and it can be turned on and off at will during this period;

2. You can control the switch at any time through buttons and remote control to adjust the firepower;

3. No major construction work is required to install air ducts and flues. The entire installation process can be completed in two or three days. It does not delay business hours and can also be used as a mobile device;

Fourth, there is no need to install fully enclosed protective glass, the sense of space is more integrated, and people and fire are closer;

5. Low fuel remaining reminder function;

6. Earthquake and tilt protection function;

7. Carbon dioxide (carbon monoxide) early warning and alarm emergency shutdown functions;

8. Child lock protection function;

9. Flame ion detection system;

10. Firepower, thermal power, and fuel consumption can be adjusted at will according to customer requirements;

11. Protection function when room temperature is too high;

12. Overflow prevention device;

Thirteen. Access control monitoring device (to prevent the addition of alcohol at high temperatures).

Our products are divided into two categories: household and commercial.

100% of household products are sold to Europe, the United States and other countries. Since being launched in foreign markets, they have been deeply welcomed by foreign customers.

Contact person; Peter Ma

For more information please contact us.

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Hong Kong Tel: 852-69318059