Custom intelligent Bio fireplace in 401 Landmark Central Hong Kong

L'ATELIER/LE JARDIN je joel Robuchon

Intelligent Bio ethanol fireplace BB1700   

with 1700mm in length

BB Fires is a professional manufacturer that produces and sells intelligent Bio ethanol fireplaces and all kind of fireplaces. Since 1998, we have cooperated with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to obtain an innovation fund and then set up a factory in China, mainly exporting and supplying them all over the world.

In terms of engineering, it mainly supplies to domestic star hotels, show flats, action parks in China, various projects in Club houses, etc. It also supplies all kinds of large and small projects, high class units, etc. in Hong Kong. There are also many projects in Macao mainly provides casinos, star hotels and various large and small projects. For details, please refer to our product catalog. There are seven models, each with 30 x 20 job cases.

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Peter Ma