• Fireplace Accessory
  • Ceramic wood 4pcs
  • Ceramic wood 9pcs
  • Grey pebble 24pcs
  • White pebble 24pcs
  • Pebble colour option
  • Assorted Maple Leaf

Fireplace Accessory

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Product Description

BB Fires is a ethanol Fireplace Accessories 

Denatured Ethanol Fireplace Accessories

Fire is probably the most important discovery that man has ever made. Once he learnt of what all he could do with it, life for him was never the same again. It would not be wrong to say that fire is what really civilized man in the true sense of the word. Maybe this is why we feel connected to this powerful force in a special sort of way even today thousands of years later. This probably explains the presence of fireplaces in our homes, in this era of electric and gas heaters and radiators.

Fireplaces have their own unique charm, which other heating appliances and devices can rarely match up to. They impart instant warmth to a room, making it cozy, inviting and lived in. But not all modern homes are fortunate enough to have a built-in fireplace. And even if they do, in these times of environment consciousness, it would be criminal to fell trees to get your fire going. And subsequently add more carbon monoxide to the atmosphere. Or in the case of electric fires hike up your electricity consumption. Is this then the end of the road for the fireplace as we knew it? Apparently not! ETHANOL FIREPLACES, the hottest new product in the market have given this delightful piece of home interiors a new lease of life.

An ethanol Fireplace is a revolutionary concept in home space. It runs on bio- ethanol, which is deemed by many as the future of fuel. Bio-ethanol is a completely environment friendly energy resource. It is extracted from renewable raw material like starch plants, sugar plants and some cellulose plants. When it burns it does so more cleanly than other kinds of fuels and emits only water and as little carbon dioxide as we exhale. When we use Bio-ethanol as an alternative fuel, we contribute in a significant way in checking the damage that has been inflicted on the environment by years of pollution, deforestation and mindless usage of natural resources.

Contact email: peter@bbfires.com 

HK telephone :852-67625988, 

China :86-15814718059

Product Image

Ceramic wood 4pcsCeramic wood 4pcs

Ceramic wood 9pcsCeramic wood 9pcs

Grey pebble 24pcsGrey pebble 24pcs

White pebble 24pcsWhite pebble 24pcs

Pebble colour optionPebble colour option

Assorted Maple LeafAssorted Maple Leaf