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  • Stock White Wooden Fireplace set
  • Stock White Wooden Fireplace set
  • Stock White Wooden Fireplace set
  • Stock White Wooden Fireplace set
  • Stock White Wooden Fireplace set

Stock White Wooden Fireplace set

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AD 005

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Product Description

White Marble fireplace set, wood electrical fireplace, stone elctrical fireplace, stainless steel electric fireplace 

BB fireplace manufacturer since 2003.

BB produces electrical home appliances, such as electric fireplaces and room heaters, which have already passed UL, GS, CE and CCEE certifications. Our products enjoy a high reputation in the industry with their novel and beautiful designs and good quality. Our products are well sold all over the world.

BB Indoor Stock fireplaces have wide selection of options available, including masonry heaters and traditional masonry fireplaces, natural gas and propane fireplaces, and freestanding “fireplace substitute” wood stoves. These “fireplace substitutes”, complete with large transparent glass viewing area, are an increasingly attractive alternative to the more labor-intensive fireplace installation within a wall. For many homeowners, a freestanding fireplace or “fireplace substitute” made of stone, cast-iron, or plate steel offers the same ambience as a traditional fireplace while making minimal demands as far as construction, requiring only a chimney, heat-resistant floor material, and adequate clearances to any nearby combustible materials.

Our factory looks forward to receiving feedback and suggestions about how we can improve our services. Please feel free to leave a message on our contact form towards the bottom of the page. You are also welcome to contact us by any of the other means listed below.

Please contact us for some other fireplace set.
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Hong Kong 

China contact telephone : 86-15814718059

Mr. Peter Ma

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AD 005AD 005





TH 168  333NTH 168 333N

TH 26P2TH 26P2

TH 26P22TH 26P22

FS-A2   dFS-A2 d

TH 168  25S2NTH 168 25S2N