Wall Mounted electric fireplace & its Accessories

BB Fires is a well-established Hong Kong company specializes in fabrication of Intelligent Bio Ethanol Fireplace as well as burners and Wall mounted Electric fireplaces. Our new product is the three dimension 3D electric fireplace.

As one of the Hong Kong pioneers in the Bio Fires industry we pride to offer no flue (no vent) Electric fireplaces, burners and bio ethanol fires of outstanding quality that will give your home and instant focal point. Since 2002 we have been providing this phenomenal and fashionable fireplace solution with visual impact to China and Worldwide customers, continuously developing our range in direct response to customers’ tastes and needs.

All our fireplaces and burners are open without a glass front, completely flue less, smoke free, and require no gas connection, no installation and no power supply. Gel fires and Bio Ethanol fires produce real, rich yellow and orange flame adding some extra warmth to your room and giving you this magical atmosphere that only a real flame can create.

We are delighted to present an innovative product combining sleek and elegant design with a sustainable renewable energy source. Bio fireplaces use bio ethanol, a petrol substitute which is made from the sugar fermentation process of sugar beet. This energy source is 100% natural and finely distilled. The gentle fire produced by this fuel does not smell, generate smoke or ash and as such ventilation is not required. Bio-fireplaces only emit water vapor and carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to that of 3 burning candles. Bio-fireplaces require no leads. The CO2 balance is neutral.


Peter Ma

Wall Mounted fireplaces


BB Fires Hong Kong introduced a new line of wall mounted fireplaces and  fireplace furniture, especially designed for Architects, Furniture Stores and Home Builders. 

BB Fires Hong Kong can also be tailor-made with regards to dimensions, finish and colour. Please see the following Export Stock items of our Wall Mounted fireplaces series.

Model No. BG-240Long glass

Dimension 2400*170*670mm)

Color and Material

Color : black

Material: glass


Model No. BG-26B

Dimension 400*1050*175mm)

Color and Material

Color : black

Material: glass


Model No. BG-26A

Dimension 370*111*160mm)

Color and Material

Color: red, yellow, blue, silver

Material: cold-rolled sheet


Model No. BG-100 Block glass

Dimension 1480*665*150mm)

Color and Material

Color : black

Material: glass


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