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Magic Glass:

(smart switch- able glass) have a function that the transmittance of the glass can be controlled by electrical switching. At The same time, they have a function of the real projection screen. When they are used as glasses with simple on-off switching function


Transparent when switch on and opaque when switch off

Safety: As a result of lamination processing. The glass act safety performance when it is broken cause the EVA stick the glass solidly.

Environment: Resist more than 90% infrared radiation and more than 98% UV-ray.

Sound-proof: The magic glass and the film can effectively block all kinds of noises.


Max Size:W980mm*H3000mm/W1200*H3000mm

Glass Spec: clear glass, Low-Iron Glass, Tinted glass


Laminate Thickness: 1.14mm

Electrical Performance

Operating Voltage: AC110V

Frequency Range: 50HZ  ~  60HZ

Amperage:100mA per square meter

Power comsuption:5W per square meter

Switch Speed: Less than 1 second

Optical Performance

Transfer between Frost and transparent through switch

Parallel Light Transmittance:75% Power on 10% power off

Sunlight transmittance:80% power on 60% power off

Haze: 3% power on, 82% power off

UV block: more than 98%

Visible Angel: 130 degree

Operating environment

- 20 degree to + 60 degree

Life-span: more than five years

Quality Guarantee: two years


Hotel Bathroom, Indoor spacer separate

Office separate, curtain, conference room separate

Top-grade building, Control Centre

Hospital, Projection, Restaurant

Glass covering products (car window, refrigerator….)

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Peter Ma


Magic Glass Project Reference

Trinidad McDonald Street Showroom

UK Wakefield WF2 Carltom Personal

Living Room

Krea Development Bank

LG Twin-Building

Samsung Electronics C& T USA

Road Traffic Authority Briefing Room

Lotte Castle Model House

Posco City Tower

Daewoo E&C Trump Building

Seoul City Hall call center

US Army in Pyung Taek

KT Briefing Room (Cheonan)

Daewoo Model House

Samsung LCD inspection equipment

KT Head Office Briefing Room

New Airport Highway Control Room


National Internet Development


Pittsburgh MZK plub

USA magic glass bathroom door




Magic Glass Technical specification & parameter

(Max size):980mm*3000mm/1200mm*3000mm

(Glass Thickness) 5mm +1.14mm + 5mm/6mm +1.14mm+6mm/8mm +1.14mm + 8mm

(Color): Milky white

Protector: US Dow Corning or Korea Dong yang Glass sealant. Ensure competitive

Operating environment: -20+60

Storage environment: -20+60

Life-span: more than 10 years

Quality gurantee: 1 years

Electrical characteristic

Operating Voltage: > 50VAC & <110VAC

Frequency range: 50~60HZ

Amperage:100mA per square meter (for 110V)

Power consumption: about 7W per square meter (for 110V)

Switching speed: less than 1 second

From Frosted to clear:100 milliseconds

From clear to frosted: 400 milliseconds

Optical Characteristics

Operation mode: Transparent(power on)/Opaque(power off)

Parallel light transmittance:75±3%(ON) / 10±% (OFF)

Sunlight Transmittance: 80±1%(ON) / 60±1% (OFF)

Haze:2±1%(ON)/80±3% (OFF)

UV Blocking: more than 98%

Visible Angle:130°



Test item

Test Condition


1 Switching 110VAC OK

2 High Temp. 70/ OK

3 OK High Temp./High

4 Low Temp. OK

5 weathering KS L2004 OK

6 Heat Resistant KS L2004 OK

E-mail :

Hong Kong Tel: 852-69318059   

China contact telephone: 86-13714791523

Mr. Peter Ma


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