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BB intelligent Low Heat Bio Ethanol fireplace


This is our patent products, mainly supply for  Europe, the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other 's area of the world, Our clients are mainly 5 stars hotels, clubs house, high-end villas and other occasions. Our products are safety, easy handling, aesthetics and top class. It welcomed by the users and design company since the market provides a lot of large projects in China and all over the world. Our clients such as : Sheraton Guangzhou, Hyatt Regency Changbaishan,  Ritz Carlton Tainjin,  New World Mayfair Hotel, Shanghai, Hilton Hotel, Shenzhen,  Grand Hyatt Tainjin,  Hilton Chenzhou,  Hotel Pullman Lijiang Resort and Spa,  The St Regis Lijiang Resort,  Four Seasons Hotel, Shenzhen,  Westin Chongqing,  W Guangzhou,  Holiday Inn, Tain Jin,  Fairmont Nanjing, China,  Wanda Vista Hotel, Shenyang,  Wanda Reign, Wuhan,  Diaoyutai Hotel ChangDu,   Intercontinental Hotel, Beijing,  Four Seasons Hotel Shang Pudong,  Hong Kong New World,  Hyatt Regency Chongqing,  Grand Hyatt Dalian, Hotel Indigo Beijing,  Ritz Carlton Shanghai,  The Ritz Carlton, Chengdu, Sofitel on Renmin Square and so on. Hong Kong China Resources Landmark under the luxury villas the KWG under the Guangzhou Tian-luan, the new Bay real estate, the property of Kingold Zhujiang New City, N5 -1 real estate. Which there are many users are billions of dollars of top luxury, such as: Lawrence Ho, son of Macau Casino tycoon Stanley Ho in Hong Kong Deep Water Bay Villa, a Shenzhen real estate company executives located in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town villa.

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We also provide the Bio Ethanol 96% BPEP Grade


BB Intelligent Bio ethanol fireplace

We have different dimension

 BB-260  width: 26cm  height: 13cm   depth: 10 cm




BB600 width: 60 cm  height: 12 cm   depth: 22 cm



BB1000   width: 100 cm  height: 11cm   depth: 22 cm


BB17001700W * 220D * 190Hmm),

BB2500 etc.


Job reference in Shaighai, Four Season Hotel


The New world development Park Signature one of the Show flat of our Intelligent fireplace Job reference

The Park Signature, show flat located in Tsuen Wan Discovery Park

Most of our Jobs references in Hong Kong were for residential use, Stars Hotel or private Club House that is not convenience be opened for public.

One of our job reference located in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong the show flat of Park Signature now. The Shopping Center of Discovery Park, inside the shopping retail complex. You are welcome to visit and see our ten intelligent Bio Ethanol fireplaces over there.

It is the show flat for The Park Signature, Yuen Long. We fabricated and installed three different model of ten set of intelligent fireplace over there

You are welcome to visit it and see our fireplace over there. It is one of the intelligent fireplace that you can visit in Hong Kong now.

Real fire low heat intelligent bio-ethanol fireplaces in Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, 

Ethanol burners manufacturer.

BB-fire a manufacturer with a complete team.   

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5) Grand Hyatt Tainjin

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7) Hotel Pullman Lijiang Resort and Spa

8) The St Regis Lijiang Resort

9) Four Seasons Hotel, Shenzhen

10) Westin Chongqing

11) W Guangzhou

12) Holiday Inn, Tain Jin

13) Fairmont Nanjing, China

14) Wanda Vista Hotel, Shenyang

15) Wanda Reign, Wuhan

16) Diaoyutai Hotel ChangDu

17)  Intercontinental Hotel, Beijing

18 Four Seasons Hotel Shang Pudong

19 Hong Kong New World

20 Hyatt Regency Chongqing

21 Grand Hyatt Dalian

22 Grand Hyatt Shenyang

23 Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

24 Hotel Indigo Beijing

25 Ritz Carlton Shanghai

26 The Ritz Carlton, Chengdu

27 Sheraton Guangzhou

28 Sofitel on Renmin Square

29 Starwood Hotel and Resort

More for private used

The range: 

BB Remote control ethanol fireplace

BB Table fireplace

BB Wall-mounted Alcohol fireplace

BB Corner fireplace

   BB Alcohol Fireplace

BB Free stand fireplace

-Manufactured in accordance with standard NF D35-386 (France), CE and UL Standard

BB intelligent fireplace has the following features:

1 Special burning bodies: BB smart fireplace core design special combustion chamber of an alcohol storage room completely isolated, so absolutely full combustion, produce carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are the lowest, safest, most environmentally friendly, so that the user can be absolutely peace of mind to enjoy the intelligent alcohol fireplace to bring a real fire warmth of enjoyment. And after the combustion furnace surface black or severe yellowing phenomenon does not appear, a little clean-up is always new.

2 Massive alcohol storage tank: time to add alcohol to 3-200 hours free during the switch: to avoid the often add alcohol the inconvenience, especially the operating time is often added to alcohol, will give customers a bad impression. Manual fireplace for security reasons, the storage capacity is small, must always be added, the operation is very trouble.

3 Control is very convenient: you can at any time by buttons and remote control switch to adjust the operation of the fire size: stalls can be made ​​into high and low two tranches, or an unlimited number of stalls.

4 Structure is very reasonable and safe: the combustion chamber with alcohol storage room are two completely isolated and independent body, greatly reduce the fire danger brought about by alcohol leakage, ordinary fireplace is a storage tank with burning with an institution, that is, said a few liters or a few ten liters alcohol barrel in combustion, in case of leakage, the consequences would be disastrous.

5 Installation is very simple: do not need to be busy with the entire installation process to install the air duct, flue, large fireplace only two or three days can be done, not to delay the opening hours, can also be used as a mobile;

6 Open-style design: no need to install a fully enclosed protective glass, the glass is not hot, you can touch and sense of space is more integrated, more people with fire close;

7 Fuel Reminders: margin less than beep advance notice to add, and one minute will be repeatedly reminded, after ten minutes will automatically turn off the stove.

8 Fuel cap to remind function; to prevent alcohol and too full of occurrence of spilled;

9 Earthquake, tilt protection function: When using the process, the user moving the fireplace, it will beep a warning when the fireplace fall, or of an earthquake, the stove will beep alarm, and turn off the supply of alcohol, 15 seconds not revert to the normal state, the fireplace will automatically turn off, to avoid secondary disasters, and disaster can also be used as emergency relief for heating use only.

10 Carbon dioxide (carbon monoxide) early warning and alarm emergency shut-off function: alcohol (ethanol) combustion release carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, moisture, when the indoor carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide exceeds the alarm set point, the fireplace will beep alarm (this time the stove is also will continue to work), to notify the user need ventilation to deal with, then more than we set a higher alarm points, the machine will automatically shut down immediately.

11 Child lock protection function: the boot process, the user can lock all the buttons to prevent children from near the play button switch.

12 Flame ionization detection systems: flame accidentally goes out will automatically turn off the stove.

13 Adaptability: large and small fire, heat, power consumption can be freely adjusted according to customer requirements: a stove, and free to adjust the power of plus or minus one to two times or more, to accommodate the size of the interior space based on customer requirements changed.

14 High room temperature protection function: When the indoor temperature anomalies more than the set temperature (such as: time-out for a long time to open, or a fire), the machine will immediately shut down.

15 Bio ethanol margin of the combustion chamber is controlled under a certain range burning, prohibit the level of combustion imbalance overflow.

16 To prohibit high-temperature start function: When the flame inside the oven just off, the furnace temperature is very high state, the stove will delay the furnace to restart, the period will not stop until the furnace temperature dropped to a safe point (beep) can start automatically.

BB intelligent fireplace has the following features:

17 Time limit and features: every time you boot only for X hours, and after that turn off automatically to prevent out forget to turn off. (French market-specific features, user optional)

18 Access protection function: When the machine in the case of the use of open alcohol, add the mouth of the door, the stove will not stop the beep, and stop the injection of alcohol to the burning tank, until the door on the new off 30 seconds to do , the machine will automatically shut down. (User option)

19 Of the Internet features: several furnace core with the use of the data line to each furnace core networking to achieve the purpose of central control; (user option)

20 Networked smart home system networking capabilities: through data lines, stoves and home intelligent system to reach the central control monitoring, remote control monitoring purposes. (User option)

21 Remote control functions: BB Smart alcohol fireplace core, you can link or insert the with the telephone line to the remote control. Its operation is very simple and convenient, users only need to dial or send SMS to the fireplace control switch, shift, and query the stove state operation. The user's home before pre-open fireplace, the home can enjoy the instant after BB fireplace bring comfort and warm, or go out after the discovery forget to turn off the fireplace, you can distant turn off this feature. (User option)

22 Android : BB Smart alcohol fireplace core by using our dedicated Android mobile phone application software on the fireplace switch and shift operations. (User option)

23 360 ° flip drip alcohol: BB fireplace unique alcohol storage tank designed to allow the fireplace core will not drip out of alcohol, to prevent a fire, even if any critical situations can also maximize the protection of The user's security. (User option)

24 external LCD LCD screen : The user can choose to install the external LCDexternal display and buttons control box, embedded in the fireplace near the wall above, rigged on a more secure, more luxurious appearance. (User option)

25 Super-stable product quality: the core part of the stoves are used to foreign top brands imported parts, the failure rate is almost zero.

26 superior after-sales service: Buy the products of the Division, are to enjoy the free one-year warranty, product problems such as within a month, or users are not satisfied with the effect of Division I commitments package replaced with new stoves; and Division I will be from time to time send professional after-sales staff to make home visits for maintenance, clean up, the use of training and other value-added services. The user can stay at home to enjoy the most attentive service.

BB smart fireplace ---- on Earth is the safest, most advanced, best fireplace!


BB Intelligent Bio Ethanol fireplace and manual normal fireplace differences:

Intelligent fireplace is essentially different with ordinary fireplace, Intelligent fireplace is an advanced microcomputer intelligent control technology and exquisite patent sheet metal structures combining high-tech products, not only combustion-class, but also truly people-oriented, and manipulation and security are the world's most advanced. Combustion of alcohol is a microcomputer to control every minute of the supply of precise calculation, the combustion process in the continuous monitoring of the furnace and the surrounding environmental data, in case there are few data that is not normal will the police immediately and automatically cut off the supply of alcohol, stop combustion and shut down the whole system, the maximum guarantee the safe use of the user.

Normal Manual fireplace is a simple welded a metal device with a metal material, without any technical at all, the size of the flame, the number of harmful emissions, are affected by many factors, such as alcohol box temperature, air flow speed of , the level of the amount of alcohol, etc., can be imagined, control, security simply can not meet the actual requirements.

1 BB Intelligent Bio Ethanol fireplace core alcohol storage tank and the combustion chamber is completely isolated from the storage tank temperature does not exceed 40 degrees to eliminate fire hazards;

Normal manual alcohol fireplace alcohol storage area and the combustion area is in the same area, the storage location for more than 150 degrees or more, in case the leak will lead to serious consequences.

2 BB Intelligent core burning fireplace panel temperature does not exceed 70 degrees, does not appear black deformation phenomena such as

Normal Manual fireplace core burning when the panel temperature will exceed 150 degrees, the black discoloration deformation, or even can not fire off the phenomenon.

3. BB Intelligent Bio ethanol fireplace core switch machine can be implemented by button or remote control that is convenient and safe, and open and close when neither will the indoor air pollution caused by;

Normal manual fireplace core with a lighter ignition, and high concentrations of alcohol cartridge inside the alcohol gas, ignition often occurs Baoxiang neither convenient nor safe, and after extinguishing the alcohol will continue at a high temperature the alcohol cartridge inside volatile, and even volatile to the interior, resulting in air pollution.

4 BB Intelligent fireplace is the first and only one NF386 certification through the French enterprise,NF386 is specific certification standards without flue fireplace, the standard is very strict, so did a few through even in the international . This is thanks to Ben Bao fireplace core built-in 10 safety monitoring in case of an accident will sound the alarm and automatically shut down, so that users can worry concentrate on enjoying the fireplace to bring comfort.

Ordinary alcohol fireplace core does not have any security monitoring capabilities will be very safe to use. (European countries have a total ban on sales of ordinary fireplace must comply with the NF386 certification before they can be sold on the market)

5 BB Intelligent Bio ethanol fireplace core built-in carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide detection, indoor carbon dioxide (carbon monoxide) to exceed the targets set by the police and shut down automatically.

Ordinary alcohol fireplace core, excessive indoor carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide will continue to burn, very dangerous.


6 BB intelligent Bio Ethanol fireplace built-in large volumes of alcohol storage tanks, add a more than ten hours or even longer, eliminating the need to frequently add alcohol to bring trouble, but the half-way closed after you can immediately add alcohol.

Normal Manual  fireplace core for security reasons, the storage capacity of the general alcohol can not be too much, to avoid metal heat burst occurred leaks and burning a long time, excessive harmful emissions, so are generally required to always want to add alcohol, and every time you add fireplace core completely cooled can in order to avoid an accident, very convenient.

7 BB intelligent Bio Ethanol fireplace core occur when dumping or earthquake alarm and automatically shut down to avoid secondary disasters.

Manual normal alcohol fireplace core without any detection will cause secondary disasters.

8 BB intelligent fireplace core detection at room temperature, at any time to check the room temperature changes, the occurrence of the exception will immediately turn off automatically.

Normal manual alcohol fireplace core there is no detection, if ignited next to the items will continue to burn.

9 BB intelligent fireplace with a smart home system networking, in order to achieve central control to open the key, timer switch, and the burning of the purpose of detection.

Manual fireplace can not be achieved.

10. BB intelligent fireplace can be the Android phone to control the switch and shift.

Manual fireplace can not be achieved.

11. BB intelligent fireplace can connect the telephone lines remote control fireplace switch and shift.In the cold winter, before going home to dial a phone you can advance a pre-open fireplace and home can enjoy BB fireplace bring warm and comfortable. Forget to close the fireplace or out, but also through the above way to turn off the fireplace.

Normal manual fireplace can not be achieved.

12 BB intelligent fireplace can insert a SIM phone card to call or send text messages to a remote switch and shift operations. In the cold winter before going home users can dial a phone or send a text message can be to pre-open fireplace, home can enjoy the BB fireplace bring warm and comfortable. Or out

Forget to close the fireplace and found above way to turn off the fireplace.

Normal manual fireplace can not be achieved.

13 BB intelligent fireplace unique alcohol storage tank design can be 360 ° flip drip alcohol, in case of an earthquake or severe dumping will not drip alcohol does not cause any fire risk.

The normal manual fireplace dumping, then stored inside all the alcohol will instantly will all leak out, is very dangerous.

14 BB intelligent fireplace can be an external LCD LCD screen : the user can choose to install with the LCD display to an external control box, embedded in the fireplace near the walls above, rigged on a more secure, more luxurious appearance.

Normal manual fireplace can not be achieved.

15 The final highlight is the advanced intelligent fireplace combustion devices, the device has been made ​​more than a dozen domestic and international patents. Through scientific and reasonable structure, alcohol passive combustion to become active combustion, the number of transient alcohol consumption in the combustion process and oxygen supply test summary After years of time, and count out the most reasonable mixing ratio of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are to achieve a minimum level. And meet the flame height, color and ornamental.

Ordinary box burning of alcohol and alcohol storage in the same area, so the burning flame basic is subject to the level of impact of alcohol capacity, when the alcohol cartridge inside the alcohol than the full capacity, the height of the flame higher, with the alcohol margin falling flame basic burning in the absence of oxygen, the flame height will continue to reduce the release of carbon monoxide will be getting higher and higher. When the alcohol box storage capacity increased burning a long time may be carbon monoxide poisoning, which is absolutely undesirable.

Throughout the above points, intelligent fireplace has become a substitute for ordinary fireplace. Human technology, the era of intelligent mobile phones, lights, faucets, TV, and even toilet, do the smart users will also set the family safe regardless of the choice of the ordinary fireplace? Contact us immediately.